Medieval Castle & Fortifications Books

This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page has books on medieval castles, citadels, and fortifications.
The castles of the Medieval period continue to interest and facinate readers, both as architectural wonders and because of their dramatic role in world history. These books deal with the design, construction, and usage of masonry castles and timber forts.
Also included are books on castle and fortress defense, fortified cities & towns, fortifications and citadels, medieval warfare and siege techniques and battles.
Several excellent books that are recommended are out of print, but may be available through our out of print service.
Several are in the German language.

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Medieval Castle & Fortifications Books

Additional Books Of Interest

Our Suggestions for Used Castle Books

  • Forts and Fortresses: From the Hillforts of Prehistory to Modern Times
    ~Available Used. Usually Ships in 2-3 Days
  • -Martin Brice / Hardcover 192 pages / Published October 1990
    This book carefully traces the history of fortification from the Ancient Babylonian brick structures in 3500 BC, to the massive Atlantic Wall erected by the Germans during World War II. Each chapter covers a specific period in history, and documents the best examples of fortification, the defensive innovations of the period, and other key developments. Includes hundreds of Black & White and color illustrations.
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  • Medieval Fortifications ~Special Order
  • -John R. Kenyon / Hardcover 234 pages / Published August 1990
    This book is an excellent archaeological account of the development, form, construction and function of medieval fortifications in medieval England. Covers in detail the development of the castle, the fortified home, and the defended town. Includes many illustrations and photos, Glossary, and an extensive Bibliography.
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  • Studies in Castles and Castle Building ~Out of Print
  • -Arnold J. Taylor / Hardcover 350 pages / Published May 1986
    This excellent book, written by a leading authority on Welsh castle, contains the author's works which were published in various journals. 42 illustrations.
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  • The Rise of the Castle
    ~Out of Print: Use our book out of print service
  • -M. W. Thompson / Hardcover 205 pages / Published May 1991
    This well documented book explains the rise and development of the castle in Western Europe. While dealing primarily with English and Welsh castles, an great deal of comprehensive coverage of German and French castle development and uses is included. The development of the early German and Celtic castles is followed through the centuries and is compared to the English and Welsh castles. Includes many excellent photographs, diagrams, appendixes, bibliography, and extensive notes.

  • The Architecture of Castles: A Visual Guide
    ~Out of Print: Use our book out of print service
  • -Reginald A. Brown / Hardcover 120 pages / Published 1984
    This well written book presents an excellent overview of English and French castles and their development. This generally is from an architectural rather than from an engineering viewpoint. But never the less a great deal of very useful historical and construction information is carefully presented. Discusses castle construction, with general floor plans, materials, and construction details. Includes photographs and illustrations.

Books on castles in German

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