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This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page lists books for masonry and timber framing construction.
These books are on stone, brick, and block construction, slate roofs, timber framing, and log house building. These books are for builders, do-it-yourselfers, designers, architects, researchers, engineers, and contractors.
The following list of books were carefully selected for the do-it-yourself masonry and timber builders by our research staff. These books were selected because their text material is clearly written and usually is accompanied with instructive photographs and illustrations. And that if followed closely by the reader, the reader should be able to perform the work required to complete a successful project.

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Stone Masonry Books

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Books for Working Stone and Masonry Construction

-Charles K. Long / Paperback 128 pages / Published October 1998
In this popular "classic" how-to book, the author describes the complete building process in clear easy to follow instructions. Covers the basics of building with field stone, taking each step in the rough chronology of the building process. Long's "compromise method" of construction provides a simpler method of stone construction than the traditional methods have.
Includes both line drawings and photographs.

-John Vivian / Paperback 112 pages / Published September 1986
Another excellent primer for learning stone masonry. While dealing primarily with planning and building stone walls, the techniques learned may be applied in all stone building projects. This book covers stone selection and shaping, tool selection and use, and masonry techniques.

-John Fitchen / Paperback 344 pages / April 1997
This book is for the serious medieval building researcher and anyone else interested in medieval building techniques. Explains in great detail the process of building the great edifices of the Gothic era. Covers building equipment, scaffolding, and the manner of how the erection process took place. Excellent illustrations. Includes a Glossary.

-Thomas Maude / Paperback / Published August 1997
Stonemason Thomas Maude uses historical and technical information and his own hands-on experience and knowledge to provide the reader with a good understanding of medieval structures. Including a chapter on working English stone with tools.
-David P. Reed / Hardcover 144 pages / Published December 1998
This excellent book has been a long time in coming. It is well written and very helpful in planning and building your garden and landscaping. Covers concise information for materials, tools, and basic techniques. Covers the basics of constructing dry stacked stone free-standing and retaining walls, stone steps, tree wells, benches, paving stones, terraces and sculptures. Reed provides details with full-color pictures for everything from tools, stone varieties, and uses for stone.

-Kevin Gardner, Guillermo Nunez (Illustrator)/ Hardcover 224 pages / Published October 2001
This well written primer teaches the fundamentals of how to make stone walls with clear, step-by-step instructions. Covers the process of gathering the materials, laying out the wall, and fitting then the stones together. In addition he also covers building steps, wells, ramps, walkways, and many other forms of dry masonry. The techniques used in the restoration and repair of existing walls are also described.
In addition Gardner covers the history, aesthetics, and philosophy of placing stones.
What is "the granite kiss"? Author Kevin Gardner defines "the granite kiss" as "that instantly discouraging, and inevitable, experience in stone work when a fingertip or two fails to escape the contact point between two large stones on the occasion of their first meeting."
Includes 30 black and white illustrations, a glossary of terms, and bibliography.

-Dieter Arnold / Paperback 336 pages / Published January 1997
This book covers all aspects of constructing stone buildings, including planning, measuring, quarrying and transportation of stone. Includes illustration, field drawings, and photographs.

-Jacques Heyman / Paperback 170 pages / Published October 1997
This book provides a through detailed description of stone and masonry structures. Using text and diagrams, Heyman covers arch bridges, Gothic Cathedrals, and Greek temples. Five photographs, 100 line diagrams, and three tables.

-Richard Kreh / Paperback 184 pages / January 2002
This instruction manual was used as a textbook for masonry classes and explains basic masonry in a clear well written manner. Covers with step-by-step instructions how to build fireplace chimneys, arches, and many other projects.

-Sunset Books (Editors, et al) Paperback 96 pages
Published March 1995
A good book for the homeowner who wants to know how to build a stone or brick garden wall, or work with cast concrete. Covers tool selection and uses, building techniques with brick, stone, blocks, adobe, and concrete. Excellent step-by-step instructions and illustrations. Covers maintenance and repair of masonry.

-Richard Kreh / Hardcover 192 pages/ Published March 1998
This excellent book provides the beginning mason or do-it-yourselfer with a clear easy-to-understand and step-by-step approach to understanding masonry. Many types of masonry construction projects are covered in detail with excellent diagrams, illustrations, and photographs. This book is thoroughly illustrated with plans, required materials, tools, site layout and excellent photographs.

-K. Thomas / Hardcover / Published February 1996
This book is a well written and illustrated essential guide and textbook for the specifications and design of modern masonry walls. It covers brickwork, blockwork, and stone masonry construction.

-Christine Beall / Hardcover 636 pages / Published May 1997
This book is a technical guide to the effective use of brick, stone, glass, terra cotta and concrete masonry. The text is clearly written and profusely illustrated with line drawings, photographs, and tables. This text provides the practical information required to design and build in masonry.

-James E. Amrhein / Hardcover 496 pages, 5th Edition / Published March 1998
This important handbook provides a comprehensive explanation detailing the design standards used in masonry. Improves and expands upon previous editions, complying with the 1994 UBC and paralleling the growth of reinforced masonry engineering. Covers the coefficients, tables, charts, and design data required for the design of reinforced masonry structures. This book serves as an exceptional resource for designers, contractors, builders, and civil engineers involved in reinforced masonry, eliminating repetitious and routine calculations as well as reducing the time for masonry design.
Recommended as a must have reference guide for those who are in the field of Civil Engineering or design of masonry walls.

-Ken Nolan / Hardcover 302 pages, Revised Edition / Published December 1997
-T.W. Love / Paperback 176 pages / Published June 1973
This book from the Craftsman Book Company provides a thorough understanding of safe methods of setting and using formwork and using concrete laying techniques. Recommended for anyone wanting to expand his knowledge, or just learning, to set forms on a residential or light commercial construction site.

-International Labor Office / Paperback 182 pages, 3rd Edition / Published 1984
This book provides detailed technical information on small-scale brickmaking techniques. Covers  clay preparation, moulding, drying, firing and testing of finished bricks. Includes photographs, illustrations, and Appendices.

-Karl Gurcke / Paperback 344 pages/ Published December 1987
This book from the Univ of Idaho Press is a comprehensive resource for detailed information on the uses of bricks in ancient structures.

-Malcolm Davis, Liz Davis, Illustrator / Paperback 36 pages / Published November 1994

-E. M. Winkler / Hardcover, 3rd Edition / Published October 1994
An excellent technical book presents the important stone properties, both physical and chemical, pertinent to the architect's, engineer's and stone producer's needs. Covers especially the chemical characteristics of air and water pollutants effect upon stones. Analyzes and quantifies the natural processes which lead to stone decay, explanations includes important graphs and charts.
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-Neville Holmes, et al / Paperback / Published March 1993
-Nigel Hutchins / Paperback 200 pages Revised Edition / Published March 1998
This excellent guide book is packed with history, ideas, and useful information. It also has over 300 photos, diagrams, and drawings.

-Joseph Jenkins / Paperback 288 pages / Published August 1997
This is a two-part, indexed and referenced book which has everything you need to know to build, maintain, keep your slate roof in great conditions for centuries. It is a detailed step-by-step, illustrated tile installation and tile roof repair manual. Plus sources of slate roofing tools, equipment, and new and used slate material. Includes 195 photographs and 175 drawings, tables, maps, and graphs.

-Ian Cramb / Paperback 174 pages / Published May 1992
This book covers the restoration of stone buildings, walls, arches, and towers. Stone selection, hewing and masonry mixes are covered in detail. Cutting and hewing stone with hand tools is described and illustrated. Many photographs and illustrations are used throughout the book to support this well written text.

-Kevin Taylor (Author)/ Hardcover: 160 pages / Published July 2008
The Author uses his extensive knowledge of the roofing trade and his ability to explain the subject in easily understandable terms, to demonstrate how to carry out the work safely to a high standard, using tried and tested methods. This guide considers the various types of tiles, slates, and roofing materials on the market as well as their uses, how to estimate the required quantities, and where to buy them. This guide covers how to check and assess a roof and how to identify and rectify problems; describes how to efficiently "set out" roofs from small, simple jobs to larger and more complicated projects, thus making the work quicker, simpler, and neater. Covers the correct and the incorrect ways of installing background materials such as underlay, battens, and valley liners; explains how to install interlocking tiles, plain tiles, and artificial and natural slates. Covers both modern and traditional methods and skills, including cutting materials by hand without the assistance of power tools; and provides invaluable guidance on repairs and maintenance issues, and highlights common mistakes and how they can be avoided.

-Jacques Heyman / Hardcover 418 pages / Published February 1997
This much needed work of collected studies, written by architectural engineer Heyman, contains 26 papers dealing with his work on detailed masonry contraction of ancient buildings. Included are three papers dealing with timber roofs.
Excellent detailed black& white photographs and diagrams.

-Karl Schwenke, Ben Watson / Paperback 164 pages 2nd Edition
Published February 1991
This book explains and has step-by-step instructions for building house walls and walls using this uncommon procedure. Covers stone and material selection, tools, and construction details.

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