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This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page has horticultural books and manuals about plant identification. Also several books include instructions for identifying, collecting, processing and germinating wild plant seeds. Covers collecting, harvesting, cleaning, and storage of seeds, and methods of stratification and other germination processes.
In addition, we have included several links to excellent books on building and using a greenhouse.
The following list of books were carefully selected by our research staff for survivalist, nursery workers, botanists, biologists, the do-it-yourself propagator, naturalists, and home gardeners. These books were selected because their text material is clearly written, easy to follow, and usually are accompanied with instructive photographs and detailed illustrations. And that if followed closely by the reader, the reader should be able to perform the work necessary to complete a successful propagation project.

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Wild Plant Identification

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Wild Plant Identification Books

-Ronald J. Taylor / Paperback 183 pages / Published July 1990
This useful guide cover nontechnical descriptions of weeds, grouped according to family, with large color photographs of the weeds. Descriptions include plant origin, distribution, and aggressiveness as well as useful information on plant lore, edibility, weediness, and pollination.
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-Sarah S. Cooke / Paperback 403 pages / Published May 1997
This is an excellent field guide to help identify wetland plants, complete with pictures and illustrations. Includes well written plant descriptions for most wetland plants.
Ideal field guide for outdoormen, hunters, horticultural enthusiasts, land developers, and wetland scientist.
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-France Royer, Richard Dickinson, Authors / Paperback 470 pages / Published May 1999
This excellent field guide is easy to use and contains over 750 color photos and line drawings along with all the information you will need to identify weeds. Including infomation on weed seedling identification. Though it is written specifically for the North, many of these 175 species are found elsewhere as well. In the introduction, there is a quick, handy guide with thumbnail photos of plants in all stages of growth from mature ones to seedlings so you can quickly identify the species you have. The best means of control is determined by the life cycle of the weed, and this title will help you choose the right method. For each species, the authors provide a complete description of all the plant parts along with quick ID tips, its distribution, similar species, its status as a weed in different states, and why the plant is of concern. Common names are given in English and French.
The appendix contains a helpful illustrated glossary.
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-Chester P. Lyons / Paperback 160 pages / Published April 1999
Chess Lyons' update of his classic guide on Washington and British Columbia for naturalists and nature enthusiasts alike. This guide identifies more than 600 common trees, shrubs and flowers. Includes line drawings, distribution maps and a wildflower guide.
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-by Chester P. Lyons / Paperback 192 pages, 2nd edition / Published March 2000
Lone Pine Publishing From seashore to mountain peak, the wild, untended blossoms of Washington flourish throughout the growing season. This easy-to-use guide by the late Chess Lyons is loaded with brilliant color photographs and complete descriptions of nearly 500 species.
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-Jim Pojar, Andy MacKinnon, Compilers / Paperback 528 pages, Revised Edition / Published November 2004
This comprehensive identification is easy to use and features 794 species of plants commonly found the Pacific coast from Oregon to Alaska. Includes trees, shrubs, wilflowers, aquatic plants, grasses, ferns, mosses, and lichens. Covers the coastal region from shoreline to alpine, including the western Cascades. Includes 1,100 color photographs, and more than 1,000 line drawings and silhouettes. Plus clear species decriptions and decriptions of each plant's habitat and range with 794 color range maps. For anyone interested in Northwest Native Plants, this is an essential reference.
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-Arthur R. Kruckeberg / Paperback 282 pages, 2nd Edition / Published January 1997
If you want to identify native plants, get an Audubon guide. If you want to grow them, get this book. It discusses cultivation methods; soils and other environmental factors; where in the region specific plants will live; where to find (and where NOT to get) plants, seeds, and cuttings; what sorts of insects and diseases harm our native plants; etc. Good reference for any Northwest gardener from Oregon through BC, whether you're east or west of the Cascades. Some historical uses for specific plants (culinary, medicinal, etc.) are also briefly given. The book's real drawbacks are its lack of color pictures (there are very few), and its sometimes slightly erroneous descriptions. I suggest coupling this book on growing native plants with a good Audubon guide if you're trying to identify what plants are growing wild on your land.
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-April Pettinger, Brenda Costanzo, Authors / Paperback 248 pages, 2nd Edition / Published February 2003
This latest edition of a regional classic has been completely revised, updated, and expanded to include many more facets of the joys and challenges of gardening in the maritime Pacific Northwest. Included are new plant discoveries and information on container gardening, design trends, community education and stewardship, and shoreline habitats. The authors offer comprehensive details for using native plants to transform any garden into a low-maintenance, water-wise paradise that utilizes the beauty of native plants and creates habitats for wildlife.
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