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Links for Church records and immigration ship departures are included.
However, web links for Michigan and Germany, Austrian, Swiss, Tyrolean genealogy sites are emphasized.
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German Genealogy Web Links

German genealogy Homepage
Many important links to web sites in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Also includes sites for some of the former German Landers, territories, and settlements.

Black Forest genealogy Homepage
This is very good site for Baden-Württenburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, and other cities in the Black Forest area. Lots of links and information.

Pommerscher Freistadt Verein Pommern

Hohenzollern Homepage
Schwäbische Linie und Frankische Linie: Auf Deutsch

German genealogy Homepage
Lots of german genealogy links.

German genealogy on the web Cyndis List
Many good links, sources of genealogical info and how to search in Germany.

Frequently asked questions of German Genealogy FAQS
An excellent source of hard to find information

Germanic Genealogy Homepage
Many excellent links are available here.

German genealogy Suchen Links
Sie suchen ihre vorfahen in Deutchland?

German telephone numbers Telefonbuch
German/English: Type in a surname, only, and every listing with that name in Germany will be displayed.

German postal codes Post Information
Die PLZ und Strassenauskunft für Deutschland. (Auf Deutsch)

German postal codes Postleitzahlenbuch
Das Postleitzahlenbuch für Deutschland oder U.S.A. (Auf Deutsch/Englisch)

U.S. Postal codes U.S. Postal Codes
The postal codes for U.S.A. (In English)

Historische Karten/Historical Maps. Historical Maps
Addressen des Landesvermessungsämter in Deutschland: All present States are included.

German placename etymology Ortsnamen
This page will help in defining city, towns, or other place name origins.

Deutsche Dialete/German Dialects German Dialects
Definitions, regions and a large dialect placement map.

Genealogy links for Michigam Cyndis List
Web sources of genealogical information for Michigan.

Michigan US GenWeb Genealogy Homepage
Web sources of genealogical information for Michigan.

Roots web Homepage
The internet's oldest and largest genealogy site.

Ships and passenger lists Ship & Passenger Records
Ship departures, and passenger lists, fron Germany.

USGenWeb Archives Archives
One of the largest on-line genealogical sources.

Deciphering old handwriting Homepage
This website page deals with old English handwriting.

The Gutenberg Press Homepage
History of Fraktur, German True Font Fraktur script software, and more.

German Genealogical research before the Church records began. Homepage
Informational page for search methods, especially in Baden-Württemberg.

A great research for finding hard to find villages or ones no longer in existance. While intended for jewish genealogy researchers, it may be useful for anyone searching for towns and villages in Central and Eastern Europe.

NOTE: Sometimes a letter written to the mayor of a town or village or a letter to the Heimatkundlicher Verein Wardt in the village or nearest town can help to locate information about your relatives in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

German States and Regions

Genealogical finding aids, Websites, general information that covers the federal states ( Bundesländer ) or historic regions of Germany is provided by various genealogical societies. A list of these societies is displayed in cooperation with the Verein für Computergenealogie: Website addresses are displayed. Links to most of the societies. The following list gives orientation on major ressources but can not display every single source. For more detailed listings of local databases, please refer to

Emigration from Southwestern and Southern Germany

Documentation of Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart – online database. More than 50.000 emigrant names from Württemberg and additional data concerning place of birth, destination, reasons for emigrating, year of emigration and number of accompanying relatives.

German Genealogy at
Baden and Württemberg emigration indexes are available free here.

Web site of Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte at Munich. In 2004 and 2005 the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte did present an extensive exhibit Bye Bye Bayern – Grüß Gott Americ". Catalog may still be available.

The Franconian Genealogical SocietyGerman Genealogy.
The Franconian genealogical society has extensive German genealogy material, several CDs, societies.

German Genealogy.
The Bavarian genealogical society covers four regions in Bavaria. They also have emigration card files.

Emigration from Northwestern and Northern Germany

Brandenburg German Genealogy.
Brandenburg emigration indexes are available free here.

Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv.
Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv. Excerpts of emigration files from the Regierungsbezirk Frankfurt/Oder.

At the Deutsche Auswandererhaus/German Emigration Center at Bremerhaven your ticket to the exhibit includes use of the museums Forum Migration with access to extensive databases including the complete collections of and, and others.

Bremen German Genealogy.
Passenger Lists 1920-1939 – online database. These are the only surviving departure lists for Bremen and Bremerhaven. A project by the Bremen Genealogical Society Maus in collaboration with the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

The State Archive of Bremen.
The state archive of Bremen has put crew lists of 19th century ships online through the Web site of These are only names of crew, but several of these list may serve as substitute to reconstruct sailings. Bremen departure lists with passenger names are lost except for some 1920-1939. Among the repositories of the archive (access only for visitors) are also files on displaced persons who emigrated through Bremerhaven between 1947 to 1952.

German Genealogy OnlineDdatabase.
Online database on emigrants who left Europe for the US between 1820 and 1939, primarily from German ports. Work in progress, the current data stock contains passenger manifests for the periods 1820-1833, 1840-1848, 1850-1891,1904 and 1907. Online search and search order available for visitors at the "Historisches Museum/Morgenstern-Museum" in Bremerhaven, Germany. Museum charges fees for search orders and for printouts of search results. Portions of data available at and at

The Hamburg Museum Ballinstadt.
The Hamburg emigration museum Ballinstadt – Port of Dreams offers visitors free access to its research center including the complete and collections and, of course, access to the Hamburg departure lists 1850-1934.

The Hamburg State Archive.
The Hamburg State Archive is the curator for the Hamburg departure lists. Microfilms as well as access to the ancestry Web site are available for visitors. Online finding aids to other resources (Bestandsbeschreibungen) in PDF format are available on the archives Web site.

Mecklenburg Census.
Mecklenburg Census for 1819 and 1867 (1910 to come) are available online for fees at ancestry's Web site. Data come from the Landeshauptarchiv at Schwerin Visitors to this archive can use the data free of charge.

Americans from Mecklenburg.
IMAR is the Institute for Migration and Ancestral Research, an organization that deals with emigration to America from Mecklenburg. It has at its disposal a database with 25,000 emigrants. No online access to records.

Lower Saxonian State Archives.
Lower Saxonian State Archives. Click on Auswandererquellen/Emigrant Data. This opens emigrant databases for Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, Hannover and Osnabrück. Online research is possible, however findings are in the form of reference file numbers for archival holdings only, no detailed records are available online.

Northern Germany Genealogy Databases.
Regional Databases Northern Germany covers counties of Cloppenburg, Vechta, Cuxhaven, Delmenhorst, Bad Laer, total of 19,000 names, detailed, precise information, time covered varies by county 1830-1890. Access also via

University of Oldenburg German Genealogy.
At the University of Oldenburg the former Research Center German Emigrants in the U.S.A. has collected microfilms with passenger arrivals at U.S. ports (19th century). These copies from the National Archives, Washington, D.C., are available to the public in the library of the Oldenburg University. No online research, no complete indexes. Online research on same datapool available at Portions of data available at and at

East Frisian German Genealogy.
The Upstalsboom – Gesellschaft is organized in cooperation with the East Frisian Historical Society at Aurich. They are well known to researchers on genealogy in East Frisia and have at their disposal a vast collection of Ortssippenbücher (family and local history books) as well as other resources. They have limited opening hours.

The Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America.
The Ostfriesen Genealogical Society of America is a very active society and has compiled many links on East Frisian Heritage. Helpful navigation in English.

Emigration from Rhine Lands and Westphalian

North Rhine-Westphalia German Genealogy.
Network of achives at Northrine Westfalia. Including links to two important genealogical archives – Personenstandsarchive at Brühl and Detmold.

German Genealogy.
Schöne Neue Welt - Rheinländer erobern Amerika. An exhibition of the Rhineland Open-Air Museum Kommern between spring of 2001 and fall of 2002 still available as an online presentation.

Network Westphalian Emigration to America.
Network Westphalian Emigration to America since the 19th century. A loose yet comprehensive network of individuals combing their work on the Westphalian emigration. Many links; also access to databases.

Rhineland-Palatinate German Genealogy.
Institute for Palatine History and Folklife Studies at Kaiserslautern. A widely known facility which has proved itself valuable to many researchers. 300,000 card files on Palatine emigrants, literature, resources, publications.

German Genealogy.
Palatines to America is a genealogical society dedicated to the study of ancestors from all German-speaking lands, not only just the Palatinate but they also have a special focus on the Palatinate.

Palatinate Emigration Genealogy.
The Museum displays the history of emigration from the Palatinate to America. Some reference literature and name lists. Limited opening hours.

Emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and Other Databases

Schleswig-Holstein German Genealogy.
Homepage of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Genealogie Schleswig Holstein (Hans Peter Voß from Kiel). Their projects include an emigrant database and transcriptions of Schleswig Holstein Census records. Work in progress. Online access is possible, valuable information and data.

German Genealogy.
Homepage of Hans Peter Voss from Steenfeld. Emigrant lists and other genealogical sources.

Nordfriisk Institut at Bredstedt.
The database of the Nordfriisk Institut at Bredstedt has data of about 5,000 overseas emigrants from North Frisia and the Northwest of the former Duchy of Schleswig, today Danish territory. Publications, literature.

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