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Welcome to Lübeck Haus Bookstores catalogue page for German language tutorials and reading books. We have tools for you to teach yourself the German language. Listed on these pages are German language instructional courses, in computer software, audio cassettes or instructional software programs for learning to read, write and speak German.
Our book research staff at Lübecks Bookstore have selected these German language instructional courses and software programs which are listed below to help you find good German tutorial instructions. These reading books were chosen because they are designed for beginning and intermediate students learning the German language primarily by self instruction.
These courses and books will help you to gain reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and confidence in speaking and understanding the German language.

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Software Languages and German English Dictionaries


These reading books are important learning tools because they give the student an opportunity to read German text and to also read the same text in English.


The Pimsleur German language cassette series is an excellent way to learn to understand spoken German and to learn to speak German. The Pimsleur Comprehensive Programs is one of the best self teaching methods available. No books are required and you can learn anywhere, at your choice. You listen to the spoken word in German, and the lessons begin with easily understood sentences and build gradually to more difficult sentences and words. It is quick, convenient and quite effective. The program is offered on CDs also.


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