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Welcome to the Lübeck Haus Bookstore's catalogue page for horticultural books and manuals about plant propagation and indentication. This includes micropropagation, plant identification, plant culture and cultivation, plant breeding techniques, and plant uses. Includes instructions for collecting, processing and germinating wild plant seeds. Covers collecting, harvesting, cleaning, and storage of seeds, and methods of stratification and other germination processes.
In addition, we have included several links to excellent books on building and using a greenhouse.
The following list of books were carefully selected by our research staff for nursery workers, botanists, biologists, the do-it-yourself propagator, and home gardeners. These books were selected because their text material is clearly written, easy to follow, and usually are accompanied with instructive photographs and detailed illustrations. And that if followed closely by the reader, the reader should be able to perform the work necessary to complete a successful propagation project.

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Books On Propagating Plants

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Plant Propagation & Identification Books

Plant Propagation & Identification Books

-Lydiana Kyte, John G. Kleyn / Hardcover 250 pages / Published November 1996
This comprehensive manual contains everything that you need to know to begin cloneing plants. Excellent source of information for the beginner, yet contains information useful for the more experienced. Some of the material covers commercial micropropagation operations but there is a lot information for the home gardener and hobbyist too.
This book, first published in 1983, covers the history of micropropagation, laboratory practices, advances in biotechnology, and some relevant chemistry. Procedures are provided for propagating 54 varieties of ferns, conifers, and flowering plants. Includes black & white illustrations, bibliography and a list of supply sources.
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-Carol Deppe / Paperback 367 pages, 2nd Edition / December 2000
This is an important book for serious gardeners and horticulturists. This book is very useful, interesting, well written and easy to understand. Explains the whole process of plant breeding and creating new vegetable hybrids. Although successful plant breeding doesn't necessarily require a lot of time or garden space, it does require some expert knowledge. This book provides solid basic information. The technical chapters are well-crafted guides to the principles of genetics combined with practical and workable strategies for applying those principles. Especially useful are the sections on designing garden trials and on how to be certain you are indeed selecting for the traits you want. There are also detailed illustrated instructions showing how to breed eight popular vegetables: tomato, lettuce, pea, bean, corn, onions and relatives, cabbages and relatives, and squash/pumpkins. It explains it very clearly and gardeners will find out that it isn't really difficult at all. Quite simple actually, and with some often remarkable rewards.
The author also shares many practical techniques, methods, and strategies, gleaned from years in the garden. These tips are invaluable. They get you thinking about ways that you could experiment and explore more with the garden resources you have. And when things don't go quite as hoped, you can usually eat your mistakes.
At the heart of any plant breeding venture is good seed saving practice. The author covers a number of factors you must handle properly if you are going to save your own seed and maintain vigorous, pure strains. The six new chapters added to this edition to cover this area take seed saving much farther than has been done elsewhere. There is a whole chapter devoted to selecting the individual plants from which you will want to save seed, while other chapters discuss isolation practices, the number of plants required, and other factors. All in all, an informative, facinating, and most enjoyable book that is an essential guide for gardeners, small scale farmers, and horticulturists alike. An appendix contains essential data for breeding 801 cultivated vegetables and their wild relatives, useful information for all plant breeders.
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-Michael A. Dirr, Charles W. Heuser, Jr., Bonnie L. Dirr(Illustrator)/ Paperback 239 pages / Published June 1987
This comprehensive book is an excellent source for correct and vital information for woody plant propagation. For many species, specific concentrations for rooting hormones are specified. This is vital information because for many plants there is an optimal concentration and using a higher or lower concentration reduces rooting success as well as root development. Dirr has done all the research and you benefit from this work. His conclusions are backed up by many scientific studies by various individuals and groups. The first section gives a summary of the different propagation methods and the second section has very detailed data on specific species.
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-Bruce MacDonald / Hardcover 660 pages / Published March 1987
This comprehensive manual is an excellent and thorough source for the best methods of propagation techniques. Covers propagation methods in detail for each species, including a wide range of trees. Includes practical greenhouse techniques that would be useful for part time nurserymen, gardeners, or hobbyist.
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-Ken Druse / Hardcover 224 pages / Published November 2000
This book is an indispensable guide and is useful as both a comprehensive reference and as a textbook for learning more complex techniques. Whether you want to learn about propagation by seed, cutting, layering, grafting, division, leaves, roots, the clear, detailed instructions and step-by-step photos will get you up and running in no time.
Presents innovative, practical techniques for expanding any plant collection. There are plenty of close-up photos of plants at every stage of life and in every variety. Specific techniques are outlined with both photographs and easily followed text, from the spore prints of ferns to the nicking of hard-shelled seeds, you'll learn exactly how to tackle every aspect of creating new plants. Covers the correct season for taking different types of cuttings from different plants, and covers special projects like hardwood cutting.
Includes information on seed collecting and storing, plus specimen preparation tips. Includes more than 500 full-color photographs. An extensive alphabetical appendix (with both common and Latin names), provides the best propagation methods for more than 700 genera and thousands of species.
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-Charles W. Heuser (Editor), Richard Bird, Mike Honour, Clive Innes, Mike Salmon
Hardcover 224 pages / Published August 1997
This comprehensive book reveals how simple and satisfying propagating your own plants can be. Twelve horticultural experts discuss propagating different groups of plants individually, from alpines, herbaceous perennials and ferns to conifers and heathers, herbs, trees and shrubs, and houseplants. Propagating individual plants with all the propagation methods is discussed in detail and including step-by-step drawings. Tips and practical advice are accompanied by inspirational ideas for using your new-found knowledge. At the end of each chapter there is an all-inclusive A-Z list of plants for quick and easy reference. Easy-to-read symbols tell you essential information at a glance, how long seed will take to germinate and how quickly the plant reaches maturity. The plants are assessed individually, with advice on the best propagation methods to use and extra tips to ensure success.
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-Steven Bradley / Paperback 128 pages / Published August 2002
This book provides the basic information and the right techniques to increase your plant supply for very little expense free. Starting with the simplest methods, like sowing seeds and division, and working up to more adventurous processes, you'll acquire all the practical details of reproducing your favorite plants. Expert instructions, clear illustrations and photographs guide you step by step, showing you where and how to snip, handle root systems, lift an existing plant, and deal with tangled stems. Learn how to work with everything from annuals, bulbs, and vegetables, to fruit, shrubs, and trees. Follow the insider tips as to what tools and materials to use, which plants can be layered, when to take a cutting, and surprisingly easy ways of grafting. A directory of over 100 plants identifies the best method for each one, the at-a-glance propagation calendar will help you organize your gardening year, and a troubleshooting section answers all your questions.
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-Robin Rose, Caryn E. C. Chachulski, Diana L. Haase / Paperback 256 pages / Published March 1998
Excellent reference book for anyone who grows or plans to grow native plants. Will likely go out of print. Highly recommended for the native plant lover or nursery grower. Unusual book. Includes over 230 drawings, illustrations, and photographs.
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-Arthur R. Kruckeberg / Paperback, 2nd Edition / Published January 1997
This book is excellent for growing our native plants. It discusses cultivation methods, soils and other environmental factors, and where in the region specific plants will live. Covers the best places to find plants, seeds, and cuttings. Describes what sorts of insects and diseases harm our native plants. Good reference manual for Northwest gardeners from Oregon through BC, both east or west of the Cascades. Some historical uses for specific plants for culinary, medicinal, and other uses, are also briefly covered.
However, because this book deals with growing plants, if necessary, get a good Audubon guide for identifying native plants that you want to grow.
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-American Horticultural Society / Paperback 88 pages / Publishes February 2003
Propagating plants from cutting is one method of plant reproduction that exploiting a plants' regenerative abilities. This book discusses an explanation of regeneration and an overview of the technique. Presents a how-to technique for each type of cutting. Includes an A-Z list of the plants that can be successfully grown in this manner from cutting.
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-Nancy J. Ondra, Barbara Ellis / Paperback 122 pages / Published April 1998
This book discusses and shows how to reproduce plants by using all the techniques of easy propagation. This including growing plants from seeds, multiplying your stock by dividing clumps, taking cuttings to start, layering, and more.
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-James A Young, Cheryle G. Young / Hardcover 236 pages / Published October 1986
This comprehensive book works with the principles of collecting, harvesting, cleaning, and storage of seeds. Includes methods of stratification and other germination enhancement procedures. Includes specific collecting and germination techniques for hundreds of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, including many of the grasses.
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