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This Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page has books on megalithes, stone circles, futhark and runes, amber and amber uses, meteorites, and other books on fossils and Paleontology. Included are books on Stonehedge, Avebury, Woodhenge, neolithic religious sites, continental European megaliths, Easter Island, and several other interesting megaliths and prehistoric stonework.

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Megalithes, Futhark and Amber Books

-Edred Thorsson / Paperback 156 Pages / Published April 1988
This book is the reference book for Futhark.

-Paul G. Bahb, Jean Vertut, Photographer / Hardcover 240 pages / Published November 1997
This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of some of the oldest Ice Age art that has been discovered so far in the world. Some of the oldest art in the world is the subject of this riveting and beautiful book which offers a visually rich link with the past. It explores carved objects and wall art discoveries from the Ice Age, covering the time period from 300,000 B.C. to 40,000 B.C. Covers art from caves in Russia, China, Brazil, Australia, and European cave finds at Cosquer, Chauvet, and Covaciella, and other sites throughout the world. Includes 150 full-color illustrations and 50 B/W illustrations.
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-Rodney Castleden / Library Binding, Hardcover 320 Pages / Published April 1994
This in a comprehensive study of Stonehenge, related stone sites, and of the people that designed this huge stone circle and undertook the enormous and difficult task of transporting and raising these giant stones.

-Rodney Castleden / Paperback 282 Pages / Published January 1993
This book is among the best overviews of Neolithic life available and presents a fascinating account of life during this period of the early inhabitants of England. Well written and covering a breadth of topics and ideas. Starting with a portrayal of the Neolithic environment, he envisions how people would react to conditions then. Using the best evidence available, he breaks away from traditional approaches to reconstruct prehistoric society. Instead of stripping away modern elements to derive Neolithic life, Castleden builds the picture of that society from its basics. The ditches, megaliths, banks, the stone circles, and artefacts are the chief source of information available in conceiving Neolithic life. One interesting missing element, which may be highly significant, are structures for defense or other evidence of conflict. There are no large collections of arrowheads or spear blades found at the henge sites.
Another interesting topic is the enigma of Stonehenge's source of the massive bluestones. The author accepts the Presli Hills source for the stone, but proposes a different way in which they could have moved to Stone Hedge. And that is by an all-sea route around Land's End. Some form of trimaran vessel could have easily made the journey, with Oxen-pulled sledges completing the final leg.
Includes illustrations, photographs, diagrams and maps.

-John David North / Hardcover 656 Pages / Published November 1997
This comprehensive book examines Stone Hedge and nearly every class of prehistoric megalithic in the British Isles and some in Western Europe. Covers the known history and structural components of Stone Hedge in detail.
Includes 29 photographs and 212 illustrations and drawing.

-Aubrey Burl / Hardcover 216 pages / Published May 1999
This interesting book covers a dozen of the most evocative rings and proposes sometimes surprising answers to questions about the stone circles. Covers their purpose, construction, age, design, art, legends, and their relation to astronomy. Considers the fables, fictions and facts associated with 12 such sites and the author ventures his own explanations. Some of the sites include, Stanton Drew, Swinside, the Rollrights, Long Meg, the Land's End cluster, Stonehenge and Woodhenge.

-Michael A. Cremo, Richard L. Thompson
Hardcover 459 pages / Published June 1994
The excellent book is highly recommended to learn about many facts of the oldest human fossil discoveries. This book is a must read if you have an interest in archeology.

-Katherine Routledge / Paperback 438 pages / Published February 1998
This is a reprint edition of the original works by the author based upon her outstanding research work performed while living on Easter Island from 1914-1915.

-Ake Dahlstrom, Lief Broust (Contributor) / Hardcover 144 pages / Published February 1997
This excellent guide on amber explains how amber was formed, geographical locations, where to find it, identification, how to care for amber jewelry, and how to use amber for lapidary projects and other uses for amber. This book is packed full of useful and fascinating information about amber and its past. Includes more than 90 photographs, 65 in full color.

-George O. Poinar, Roberta Poinar / Hardcover 293 pages / Published July 1999
This book is a delight to paleoeologists and students of Entomology. Amber is a natural resin that is capable of preserving ancient plant and insect specimens nearly perfectly. Long thought to be unique to the Baltic region, amber which is fossilized tree sap, is widely distributed throughout the world. This book presents a fascinating peek at some of these specimens that were trapped in Amber from trees that once lived in an ancient forest. Includes 190 excellent photographs and drawings.

-Jim Hall / Paperback 159 pages/ Published 1986
An excellent collection of articles from the Breakthrough Magazine. Includes articles on making artificial plants, producing animal and plant displays, working with molds, creating artificial rocks, working with rosin and plastics. And much more. Many photographs and illustrations accompany the articles. Browser Boxes

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