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The Hanseatic league, also known by the German word Hansa meaning a guild or company, began in 1358. The Hansa was an alliance of trading cities that established and maintained a trade monopoly along the coast of Northern Europe, from the Baltic to the North Sea, during the Late Middle Ages and Early modern period.
Rival cities cooperated within the League to defend themselves from pirates as well as to compete against larger economic powers. The League is widely regarded as a forerunner of the European Community both as a free trade zone and as an entity that had to balance the interests of the larger polity with the identities and interests of its members on the other.
For almost four centuries, the League maintained its own military, an exchange mechanism, regulated tariffs and even had a Parliament, known as the Diet, (the Hansetage), although this met infrequently. There were also regional and district diets.
The League aimed to promote and protect trade, which meant that maintaining peace was also a major concern. It sometimes waged war but favored peace. The making of war and peace was discussed in the Diet. In extreme cases its members resorted to warfare, as when they raised an armed force that defeated the Danes in 1368 and confirmed the league's supremacy in the Baltic Sea. Over 150 towns were at some point associated with the league, including Bremen, Hamburg, and Lübeck. The last diet was held in 1669, but the league was never formally dissolved. Lübeck, Hamburg, and Bremen are still known as Hanseatic cities.

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Hanseatic League Books

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