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This page has selections of music from European classical music, drum and instrumental music from the mountain people of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps and the Andes Mountains. Including outstanding Alpine Yodeling with master yodeler Kerry Christensen. And several with bird calls, sounds from nature, and several selected music titles and sound effect CDs from almost everywhere.
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German & Alpine Mountain Music

The following selections include German beer songs, German hunting songs, alpine yodeling, song and folk music from the mountain people of the Alps and instrmental music the Andes.
Selections also include sound effects and sounds from nature, including ocean surf sounds, crashing surfs, waterfalls, thunderstorms, night sounds, bird songs, song bird calls, frog and animal calls, plus drumming and flute music from Andes mountains,

We have several of master jodeler Kerry Christensen's CDs selections for yodeling available. You can listen to a portion of some of each CD that are available for sale through our links with

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